Text Box: Race Leys Infant School Curriculum

Mathematics at Race Leys Infant School.

At Race Leys maths is interactive, collaborative and fun.  From the onset of their learning journey in Reception; children are encouraged to acquire and develop important mathematical concepts through a voyage of exploration and discovery.  Through carefully structured play activities, Race Leys children investigate, manipulate, observe, listen and answer (and ask) questions.  In doing so, they develop their own sense of number and their own understanding of shape, space and measurement in a deep and meaningful way.  As they move through Key Stage One, the children continue to build on these strong mathematical foundations.  Our philosophy that mathematics is a subject that is best learnt through personal discovery and investigation is evident in every maths lesson in both Year One and Year Two.  Children experience, manipulate and see maths activities that are carefully planned to encourage important mathematical fluency and problem solving skills.  Through careful questioning, children are encouraged to explain and prove their mathematical thinking.    We firmly believe that our job as educators is to help children acquire a strong foundation of mathematical understanding, because we know, the foundations we help them build will provide the secure base needed for the rest of their educational journey.

A strong and trusting parent – teacher relationship.

At Race Leys Infants, we are fully aware how important parental support is to children’s learning. We actively encourage parents to support their children’s mathematical learning by providing ideas and information on little things that parents can do that really do make a big difference.  We begin by immediately busting the myth that you need to be “good at maths” to help your child, or that you can’t help because you “were never any good at maths.”  We make sure that our parents are fully informed about how their children will learn maths at school and will provide advice and support to guide them.  Parents soon discover that maths is in fact all around them and there are countless opportunities to encourage mathematical thinking in informal and fun ways at ANY time of the day!  We are always available to help parents help us do the best for their children.

At Race Leys Infant School, maths is a subject the children truly enjoy because they understand it; they own it and they do it!

NSPCC Number Day

Pupils throughout the school took part in a range of fun maths activities to raise money for the NSPCC.  This included a Krystal Maze challenge for Key Stage 1 and a mats treasure hunt for pupils in Reception. They raised a total of £1286 for the NSPCC as a result of their activities.