Text Box: Race Leys Infant School Curriculum

Learning together is at the heart of Race Leys Infant School where we all enjoy being challenged in exciting and creative ways.  We have high expectations and work hard to be the best we can be.  Our stimulating curriculum helps us to learn skills for the future, recognise each other’s strengths and celebrate success.  Respectful, caring relationships and good manners help us to feel safe, be happy and make good choices.

At Race Leys infant school we are committed to providing quality and excellence through an exciting, stimulating environment that stretches and develops the child as a whole.  We want the children to have:

·         Pride in their learning

·         Independence

·         Motivation

·         Confidence

·         Success

Key Skills are the essential skills that children need to make progress in all areas of the curriculum.  They are taught explicitly and children are given the opportunity to transfer those skills across all areas of learning.

Our curriculum has been organised through a themed approach which incorporates the key skills set out in the National Curriculum. (See curriculum maps)

The experience of our children is broadened by inviting visitors into school, pupils having shared experiences of the wider community and taking part trips.

Children’s achievements are celebrated through displays in the classroom, shared areas in school and in celebration assemblies.