It is Rocket Science

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We are over the moon after receiving our special delivery from the international space station. In September, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the ISS with British ESA astronaut, Tim Peak looking after them.

Race Leys are one of several infant schools to receive 100 seeds. These will be grown alongside seeds that have not been to space to see if there are any differences in growth. No-one at the School will know which seeds have been to space and which have remained on Earth. We will care for the seedlings, record their growth and observe them over a seven-week period, then enter their findings into a database. After all the data has been collected, the results will be analysed by professional statisticians.

Visit the RHS Rocket Science Webpage

 Watch a video of the rocket launch that delivered our seeds to the ISS

Task One

Count how many seeds planted in each tray. Label each seed 1-100 and record if it is from the red or blue pack i.e B1, R100

Task Two Record how many days until the first seeds germinated.
Task Three

Calculate the percentage germinated on day 10

Task Four

Record how many days it took first seedling in each tray to grow its first pair of true leaves.

Task Five

Calculate the percentage alive on day 17

Task Six

Measure height in mm of tallest seedling in each tray day 21

Task Seven

Calculate average mean number of leaves of the random five selected plants on day 28

Task Eight

Calculate the percentage of plants still alive in each tray on day 35